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2022 Season


Google Form: 

  • Resume & Headshot

  • Audition Video Link

  • Contact/Audition Info

  • Conflict Sheet

Auditions are due:

5:00 pm EST

Monday, March 14

(By Invitation Only)

March 22-24

In-person callbacks will be held during the evenings of Tuesday, March 22 and Thursday, March 24.

Actors will be staggered between sessions, and not called all three nights.

2022 Season Auditions

This audition is for our 2022 productions of HAMLET and THE LEARNED LADIES.

All roles are open and paid a stipend to the actor upon completion of the season.

For the safety of our actors, crew and audiences, Cleveland Shakespeare Festival is only considering company members who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Each production will perform live, outdoor performances touring across northeast Ohio. 

Actors may be considered for either or both productions.

Twelfth Night (2)

Auditions - Video Submission

Callbacks - In Person                                                                                  

Video Auditions are accepted as an (UNLISTED) YouTube link

Upload a video of two* contrasting Shakespearean monologues.

*If only auditioning for a single production, only one monologue is needed per audition.


Ensure auditions channels are set to UNLISTED (not private)

Have all materials ready when filling out Audition Form




Commitment to Diversity

The Cleveland Shakespeare Festival is fully committed to the goal of diversity in art. We are well-known  for our practice of non-traditional  casting,  having welcomed actors of  all

likes in roles traditionally reserved for white males (particularly leading roles). We put on stage a host of actors who do not look like traditional Shakespearean casts, and whom young minority audience members may identify as role models.


Over the last 21 years, our goal is to provide the many underserved populations of greater Cleveland with culturally rich experiences right in their own neighborhoods. In order to achieve this goal, we do something no other theatre in Northeastern Ohio does – we offer FREE ADMISSION to all of our touring productions. This allows all individuals, regardless of background, income or zip code, to experience live storytelling, community engagement, history, art and creative enjoyment in their own communities.