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Dear Cleveland Shakespeare Festival Supporter,

Over the years, we at ShakesFest have depended on our supporters for monetary contributions, both at performances and during the off-season with cash donations.  We have also benefited from volunteers who contribute time and effort to support our mission.

This year, we are creating an organization to harness the support and goodwill of our friends in the Greater Cleveland area.  We are calling it “Bard Corps,” and we encourage you to join.  The organization will consist of people who are willing to donate either time or money to our cause, and will function as a part of the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival.

Here are some of the ways Bard Corps members can help the Festival:

  • Helping with the sale of t-shirts and other items at CSF performances
  • Handing out programs to people who attend CSF performances
  • Helping with setup/takedown of signs, tables, and inventory at CSF performances
  • Distributing posters and/or handbills at local coffee shops, bars, or other places with community bulletin boards

If you can spare the time to do any of the above, please click the button below to sign up for our volunteer opportunities.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

If you don’t have the time, consider the financial needs of our modest Festival.  A donation, however large or small, cannot but help us as we continue to serve Greater Cleveland.



“I can no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks; and ever thanks”  — Twelfth Night III:3



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