Adapted and Directed by Doug Farren

“…For within the hollow crown
That rounds the mortal temples of a king
Keeps Death his court…”

Believing himself anointed by God and infallible, the narcissistic King Richard over-taxes the populace and issues decrees by caprice.  Richard exiles Henry Bolingbroke to settle a dispute, then seizes his father’s estate to fund a foreign war. While Richard’s army fights in Ireland, Bolingbroke mounts a populist rebellion at home to regain what’s rightfully his, planting the seeds for the War of the Roses that would erupt decades later.

Classified as a history, but with the soaring poetry and humanizing fall associated with tragedy, King Richard II is an under-appreciated gem in the Bard’s canon.  Perfect for this election season, it examines the nature of leadership, power and identity.  Who is Richard when he is no longer King?

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