ROMEO AND JULIET: July 18 – August 3

The classic tragedy of "star-crossed lovers", this production pulls the action from Renaissance Verona to the streets of contemporary Cleveland. Presented free of charge in two outdoor venues: July 18-20: Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Park - corner of Coventry Rd and Euclid Hts Blvd July 25-27; Aug 2-3:  Lincoln Park, Tremont SPECIAL PERFORMANCE on Friday August 1 at 7pm at Market Square Park - W 25th and Lorain   CAST LIST Elizabeth Allard                             Lady Montague John Berner                                     Benvolio, Balthazar Miranda Coble                                Juliet Ryan Edlinger                                  Tybalt, Sampson Rodger Govea                                 Lord Montague, Friar John Cody Kilpatrick Steele                 Romeo Pamela Harwood                           Lady Capulet Robert Hawkes                               Friar Lawrence Carol Laursen                                  Nurse Zachary Olivos                                Paris, Gregory, Apothecary Steven Schuerger                           Prince, Peter Ryan Stafford                                   Abraham Darrell Starnik                                 Lord Capulet Hillary Wheelock                            Mercutio