Open Mic Shakespeare – July 2nd & 30th – CYMBELINE

Last month, we followed the Bard to a mysterious island in the Mediterranean! This month, we land in the United Kingdom—BEFORE it was united. In “Cymbeline”, Shakespeare weaves a tale of two lands, Rome and Britain, who’s respective people are questioning the relative meaning of “love and honor”.

Due to the play’s length, we’ll be reading the first half of it this month and the second half of it next month.

Open Mic Shakespeare is an ongoing play-reading series brought to you by The Cleveland Shakespeare Festival. One day each month, we invite anyone and everyone to stop in and read a Shakespeare play with us, at a cool spot in the Greater Cleveland area.

This month, we’ll be meeting twice, Saturday July 2nd and Saturday July 30th, 2-4:30pm, at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Lee Rd. Public Library, Meeting Room B. Like our classic summer performance season, entry to Open Mic Shakespeare is absolutely free, now and forever.

Open Mic Shakespeare is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bard) – we’ll have some copies available, but if you have a copy please bring it!

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  1. Shakespeare Reading Groups: News

    Hi! My name is Cheryl Bartlett. I’m working with Robin Williams, a founder of the International Shakespeare Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are in the process of building to encourage new Shakespeare reading groups and support existing ones. We have a page on the website that lists all the groups we know.

    We see that you have an active Shakespeare reading group. Would you mind if we post your information on the website? Would you mind telling us:

    How often you meet?
    How you apportion parts?
    How you run it?

    If you have any comments about how great it is to read Shakespeare – out loud and in community – we would love to post those comments!

    We would like to show potential readers and organizers the wide variety of ways a reading circle can be hosted and enjoyed.

    Thank you so much! Please send your comments to Robin at We look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheryl Bartlett
    Shakespeare Reader

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