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Our 2015 Acting Company

We’re very proud to present the acting company for our 2015 summer season:

by William Shakespeare and Thomas Middleton

Luke Brett – Timon, Big Man on Campus and generous to a fault
Luke Powers – Alcibiades, a young ROTC captain
Carol Laursen – The Governor
Brian Pedaci – Apemantus, a cynical, misanthropic professor
Nicholas Chokan – Lucilius, a pledge to Timon’s fraternity
Latecia Wilson – Lucia, a shallow socialite
Roderick S. Cardwell II – Ventidius, a prodigal
Miranda Coble – Flavia, keeper of Timon’s finances
Amanda Trompak – Sempronia, a flattering flower child


Faith Whitacre – Portia, an heiress
Hillary Wheelock – Nerissa, her lady-in-waiting
Allen Branstein – Shylock, a moneylender
Latecia Wilson – Jessica, Shylock’s daughter
Keith Kornajcik – Antonio, a merchant / Prince of Arragon, suitor to Portia
Leilani Barrett – Bassanio, a young gentleman in love with Portia
Ryan Stafford – Gratiano, Bassanio’s friend
Roderick Cardwell – Lorenzo, Bassanio’s friend, in love with Jessica/ Prince of Morocco, suitor to Portia
Luke Brett – Launcelot Gobbo, servant to Shylock / Tubal, a moneylender
Nicholas Chokan – Salarino, friend to Antonio / Gobbo – Launcelot’s father
Luke Edward Powers – Salanio, friend to Antono / Duke of Venice

The Merchant of Venice

July 17 – August 2

Filled with contrasts and controversy, containing comic elements mixed with trenchant comment on the nature of intolerance, justice and forgiveness, this is a play not easily categorized.  The merchant Antonio is approached for a loan by his dear friend Bassanio so that he may woo an heiress in another city.  Antonio, cash-poor until his ships return from their trade route, in turn borrows from the moneylender Shylock, who sees in this arrangement the possibility to exact a gruesome revenge for the years of injustice he’s suffered at the hands of Antonio and the rest of the city.

The Life of Timon of Athens

By William Shakespeare and Thomas Middleton
June 5-28

Timon was the most admired man on campus — and generous to a fault. Betrayed by his friends, he abandons civilization and goes
“back-to-the-land”. As unrest grows in Athens, both sides appeal for his 
help. Set at a certain state university in 1970 against a backdrop of
unpopular war and student unrest, “The Life of Timon of Athens” is a hilarious history of hip hypocrisy.